Do you ship worldwide?
No. Due to the various requirements and restrictions of individual countries with respect to precious metals, jewelry, and gemstones, we can only ship to the countries listed under Shipping.
Do you have a catalog?
No, we do not have a paper catalog.
Is there a way that I can be sure that you will have the items that I want in quantity in stock when I'm ready to order?
We do try to keep things well stocked. However, it is impossible for us to anticipate what each buyer will want and which items will be needed in quantity. If you let us know in advance what your needs will be, we will make every effort to ensure that there will be sufficient quantity of the item that you want in stock and ready to ship when you're ready to place your order. Back order is also available on most items.
What does 14 kt 1/20 gold filled mean?
14 kt 1/20 gold filled means that at least 1/20 of the total weight of the item is 14 kt gold. 
Does an item that is 14 kt gold or sterling silver have to be stamped with a hallmark?
This is a topic about which there is a great deal of misinformation and confusion. In this country, there is absolutely no requirement whatsoever that a manufacturer stamp an item with a hallmark. If they choose to use a hallmark, they must of course be accurate and must also include their trademark. Many quality items are in fact 14 kt gold, or sterling silver, or whatever other precious metal but may not bear a hallmark stamping. Most often, if the item does not bear a hallmark, it's because it is impractical to do so. The laws governing this are administered by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). The National Gold and Silver Stamping Act of 1905, is the applicable federal statute. Educate yourself! Here are a couple of good resources for those who would like to learn more. and
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