How to Set Cinch Mounts

Put your stone in the setting; make sure it’s level and straight, and then just “cinch” the setting closed with your pliers.
Never force the stone into the setting. If it doesn’t slip in easily, it means it’s not the right setting for that particular stone. Some stones are thicker than others, if the stone seems to be “too long” for the setting, you need a setting with a wider bezel to accommodate the extra depth of the stone.
Cinch mounts are available in a variety of sizes in an oval shape in sterling silver and 14 kt. 1/20 gold filled. While it is possible to use cinch mounts with faceted stones, they are primarily used for cabochons since their primary application is for pendants. (Faceted stones would not lie flat against the chest when set in a cinch mount).


Wraptites are set very much like cinch mounts. Wraptites are primarily used as earring drops and are available in both 1-ring and 2-ring styles in sterling silver and 14 kt. 1/20 gold filled.

Insert your gemstone (faceted or cabochon) into the wraptite, until you hear it snap into place, being sure the stone is level. Tighten the top and bottom loops with your needle nose pliers. It is helpful to insert the rounded end of a paper clip or similar object into the loop before tightening to avoid over-closing the loop.


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