Learning how to make your own jewelry is fun and easy! Here are a few tips to get you started.

How to Set Snaptite Castings

Snaptite castings are a good place to begin. No special tools are required and you can have a beautiful piece of jewelry in seconds!

In general, rounds and 4-prong castings are the easiest to set.

The traditional method is to place your faceted gemstone down on the table face down.

Place the setting over the gemstone, being careful not to angle it. The setting should be completely straight and not tilted. Press down firmly until you hear the setting “snap” into place. With earrings, exert pressure on the setting itself, not on the post!
Place setting directly over gem, keeping the setting straight up and down, and push straight down. Exert pressure on the setting; not on the post to avoid breaking the post off.
If the stone is not completely straight in the setting, usually a gentle nudge with your fingernail is all it takes to straighten it out.

Pass your finger over the table of the stone. It should not rock or be loose.

If necessary, gently tighten the prongs with your thumb and first finger at opposite prongs, applying the pressure at the girdle of the stone. NEVER use tools to tighten!

Preventing the Stone from Moving

Some shapes, such as emeralds, are more difficult to set because the stone tends to move during the setting process which can cause the prongs of the settings to splay out and cause you to want to pull your hair out.
One simple trick to overcome this is to use a several inches of scotch tape and stick the ends together forming a loop, sticky side out. Place the tape on the table and then place your stone on the scotch tape and then proceed to set as above. The scotch tape will hold your stone in place so it won't move on you! And remember...with earrings, keep your paws off the post! Exert pressure on the setting only and *not* on the post.
Alternate Method of Setting Snaptites

Here's another alternate method to try. Hold the setting upright; place your stone on top of the setting, holding it straight with your fingers.

Then press straight down on your gem with the thumb of your opposite hand until you hear the gem “snap” into place.

Hold the stone in the proper position with your thumb and first finger and push straight down with your opposite thumb. Also enables you to see what you’re doing!
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